Effing Ephemera

My take over of Art4u’s Instagram account for my Effing Ephemera residency ended yesterday. I was very pleased with the reactions and comments I received about it. Because of this I have decided to display all the items from my residency on my website here. I also like the irony of taking such an action.



Effing Ephemera

Effing Ephemera

Instagram Residency and other balls

I’m currently part way through a 7 day online residency on the Instagram account operated by Art4u. I’m posting a number of images each day under the title of ‘Effing Ephemera’. If you are able please pop by and have a look:  https://www.instagram.com/4rt4u/

As part of the residency I’ve also produced a video which is now on YouTube here:  https://youtu.be/ksOUH_H4fWg so please have a gawp when you can.

Once the residency is over I will be putting all the images on my website. I’ll let you know when that happens.

That brings me finally to my ‘Balls to Cancer’ challenge. Well I hit my target so true to my word I published the uncensored version on my ‘Art stripped bare’ blog. It’s not too late to donate to this charity so if you can spare a pound or two I would be very grateful, and you can even donate anonymously. What are you waiting for?

It only remains for me to say thanks to all those that have helped and encouraged me on my art journey so far. I am indebted to you all.

Instagram Residency and other balls

Full Monty vs Space Balls

If I can raise at least £50 for charity* by the end of the month I’ll post a picture of
myself doing the Full Monty, fully exposed, with nothing covering my vitals.

I’ve created the piece of art below. There are two versions; one with the blue balls and one without. If I can reach the £50 target I will publish the uncensored one online. I realise that I’m no Adonis but surely it must be worth donating a pound or two just for the pure comic value or for the fact that I have the courage to do it? You can donate here.

If you can’t afford to donate please share this post with as many people as you can. It’s for a good cause!

*June is  #MaleCancerAwarenessMonth and #Ballstocancer are asking for volunteers to do a sort of Full Monty so to speak. They say: ” You don’t have to have a six pack or be famous to help us raise awareness with our #FullMonty #MaleCancerAwarenessMonth  campaign. Are you ready to join us?”

The campaign asks men to post a picture of themselves on Twitter in the nude apart from an object strategically placed in front of their vitals to raise awareness for cancer. But I’ve decided to go one stage further. If I can raise at least £50 by the end of the month I’ll post a picture of myself doing the Full Monty, fully exposed, with nothing covering my vitals. Please give generously.

Space Balls

Full Monty vs Space Balls

Paul Garrard: Nothing is ever black and white

Some of my work inspired by Orwell has just been published here.

ROOM 103


‘Repetition’ digital imageorwell

‘Orwell’  digital image


Digital Image


‘The Road to Wigan Pier’    pen and ink   A4

Artist statement                                                                                                                                         I like to think that it is unusual that the first George Orwell book I read was Keep The Aspidistra Flying. It made a real impact on me. It made me realise that art could be autobiographical and still have a message. I felt real empathy with Gordon and it is still my favourite book of his. I’ve never been much…

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Paul Garrard: Nothing is ever black and white

Tools of the trade

For most of my digital art career I’ve create virtually all my pictures using Photoshop Elements. I have always found it to be a most useful and versatile tool. Occasionally I would create small bits and pieces in ArtRage Studio Pro but then amalgamated them into the finished piece using Photoshop. Just recently I’ve downloaded and started to experiment with Krita. In many ways it’s not too dissimilar to PSE but does have some different and interesting features. Krita is more of a painter’s software which is one of the reasons I was drawn to it. It will definitely influence my style that is for sure. I’m looking forward to seeing what it can do.


If you’d like to see what I’ve created so far with it visit:  http://www.paulgarrard.xyz/search/label/krita

Tools of the trade