The album – press release

December 2019

Paul Garrard Press Release

For immediate release




…McGonagall made music

The album


Multimedia artist Paul Garrard has just released his first album of music


Upon its release Paul said, “I love music. I’ve been in love with it all my life, although I never ever thought I would end up making/composing it. But that’s now where I’ve ended up and it’s very satisfying. It’s another dimension in which to express myself.


First and foremost I’m an artist and I approach composing in a similar way to my art. Well, actually music is just another artistic strand. Music composing for me is a process very much like collage.


The album consists of ten tracks and has been released on SoundCloud track by track over the last few months with the final track ‘Silvery Tay’ released today. It will be available to purchase as a download on 1st January 2020 on a pay what you feel able to basis 


He went on to say, “My music doesn’t fit into any one particular genre. Loosely speaking it’s a mix of ambient and up tempo avant garde, but it contains quite a lot of emotions and influences, so that categorising it is difficult. Which is how I like it.




Note to editors


The Silvery Tay video can be seen here:


About Paul Garrard


Paul Garrard is a multimedia artist with fifty years experience. The vast majority of his output these days is in one digital form or another. His work reflects how he feels, how he views the world and life with all its absurdities. “Art is life imagined and Nothing is ever black and white, even when it’s black on white; life and art should never be taken at face value.”

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Paul’s website:


The art of being Paul Garrard

The album – press release

Yesterday’s Zeitgeist

By way of a little distraction from the serious climate of politics here’s a little tune what I wrote.

I’m no fan of Christmas. I dislike the way tradition oppresses people; forces them to do stuff that they don’t want to, or can ill afford. But I’ve always been a bit of a sucker for the Christmas ditty and when I composed this tune I felt that it sort of had a jaunty yuletide feel to it. What do you think?

The art of being Paul Garrard

Yesterday’s Zeitgeist

Video: Nothing is ever black and white

Okay this one is not for the faint-hearted.

This video has been at least a year and a half in the making, with some of the content dating back over the last ten years. It’s a slightly surreal video that I hope encapsulates my philosophy of ‘Nothing is ever black and white’.

If you only think in black and white then you won’t get this video. Even if you don’t think in black and white you still might not get it. I’ve tried to convey a sense of the complexity of life and our existence. I hope I’ve at least partially achieved that. But of course it might be a load of old tosh and I’m a complete charlatan. If you’re looking for the meaning of life you might find this helpful; I think humankind is a long way off finding a reason for life and I suspect a meaning might not even exist. Doubt is the beginning and not the end of wisdom. Scratch beneath the surface to see further than what you might think of as the obvious. Remove your blinkers!

Video: Nothing is ever black and white

A welcome return

I am pleased to say that I’m now back creating art again after an enforced break due to various eye problems. It’s been quite a few months but now hopefully all is well. I’ve also retired from my part-time job so I’m hoping now that it is full steam ahead to being a full-time artist.

As you’ll see from my ‘The art of being Paul Garrard’ blog I’ve not been particularly productive of late picture wise. But the ideas have been piling up so hopefully in the coming months those ideas will manifest themselves as something a bit more concrete.

So what am I up to now?
Well I’ve recently been working on a video. A video I’ve been trying to make for the last couple of years, and it’s almost finished. It’s all there. It just needs refining a bit before the final edit. But whilst creating the soundtrack and narration for the video I was inspired to ‘lay down some beats’ that have become a track that I’ve just put out on SoundCloud. I’m rather pleased with it although like all art forms it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Anyway if your interested here it is:



I hope to bring you more news soon of what I’m up to. Enjoy your art wherever you are.

A welcome return