Instagram Residency and other balls

I’m currently part way through a 7 day online residency on the Instagram account operated by Art4u. I’m posting a number of images each day under the title of ‘Effing Ephemera’. If you are able please pop by and have a look:

As part of the residency I’ve also produced a video which is now on YouTube here: so please have a gawp when you can.

Once the residency is over I will be putting all the images on my website. I’ll let you know when that happens.

That brings me finally to my ‘Balls to Cancer’ challenge. Well I hit my target so true to my word I published the uncensored version on my ‘Art stripped bare’ blog. It’s not too late to donate to this charity so if you can spare a pound or two I would be very grateful, and you can even donate anonymously. What are you waiting for?

It only remains for me to say thanks to all those that have helped and encouraged me on my art journey so far. I am indebted to you all.

Instagram Residency and other balls

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  1. Your work is so good. I’ve been following your residency on Instagram. I hope my donation helped and I’m going to get my money’sworth from your “full monty!”


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